“I saw Katie as a therapist for 3 years and during that time I did some of the most transformative therapy work in my journey towards healing.  I began working with Katie when I was struggling tremendously with an eating disorder.

Our work initially began when I admitted to the treatment center she was working at.  Katie helped me explore the origin of my eating disorder, understand my core beliefs around food and body image and gain the self awareness necessary to live a life in recovery from an eating disorder.

I developed a self-awareness that I had never had previously which helped tremendously through future struggle.  I understood myself much better and I owe that to the many hours of self-exploration and writing I did as suggested by Katie.  Additionally, I came to Katie with a lot of unprocessed trauma and stuck in very unhealthy family dynamics.

Katie created a safe environment in which I was able to speak about my childhood trauma.  She was understanding, validating and non-judgmental. She helped me understand how my childhood trauma was affecting my current life and relationships and begin to heal many dysfunctional patterns I was living with.  We also did family work in which I was able to express my needs and emotions appropriately to my family.  I felt supported throughout and was able to make a lot of progress in my relationship with my family. Lastly, I continued my work with Katie on an outpatient basis where she helped me navigate life’s challenges in a healthy way and move forward on my healing journey while being successful in my life.