Healing has a ripple effect.

Katie Thompson, LPC can help you peel back the layers of protection and defenses that have kept you from living the life you want and guide you in the process of living a balanced and purpose-driven life.

“I never felt more attuned to, or seen, as when I left my first session with Katie Thompson. She listened to my story without judgement, especially as I struggled with the theme of shame. I so appreciated her intuition and directness over the course of our time together. Katie knew when to push me when navigating the harder issues, and gave me the space and tools to be able to do so. I’m grateful for her dedication and thoroughness to get to the root of things.


“Working with Katie began the turning point in my recovery from a long-term eating disorder. I wasn’t sure it was possible for me, yet I’ve just celebrated one year in recovery. Katie helped me understand the full dynamics of my behavior through honesty, compassion and validation of my experiences. Katie’s expertise and advanced skill set as a clinician helped me turn the corner in my recovery from a long-term eating disorder.”