Consultation & Education

Consultation with Katie

Katie is a renowned expert in the field of Eating Disorder Recovery and has been serving as a Consultant and Educator nationally and regionally since 2010.  Serving in many capacities as an Eating Disorder Specialist, Katie has worked as a psychotherapist, supervisor, lead therapist, trainer, educator and consultant in the field of Eating Disorder Recovery. Throughout her time in the field, Katie has trained under, with and side by side with some of the best clinical recovery experts and with this experience, Katie brings a unique perspective on how to best approach the recovery process.  Katie consults with individuals and families to help them decide the best course of action for their recovery process, utilizing comprehensive assessment to create a recommended personalized integrative plan for success in eating disorder recovery.  Healing begins with the end in mind and there are many factors to consider when building a treatment team and a comprehensive plan for recovery.

Katie utilizes her wide network of connections and referral network to help you and your family find the best options for eating disorder recovery care at a local and national level.  Katie is connected to clinicians that encompass the Eating Disorder Treatment team including but not limited to: psychotherapists, dietitians, psychiatrists, recovery coaches, support groups, treatment centers and primary care clinicians.

Katie’s eating disorder clinical experience is global, she has worked at the inpatient, residential, PHP, IOP, outpatient and non-profit levels of eating disorder care and recovery and as a result she can help you and your family assess the appropriate level of care for your current needs.  Many families spend years working within treatment paradigms that are not the best fit for the individual and/or family.  Katie assesses the individual, the family system, the need for recovery and can help match the client to the providers and systems that are the best fit clinically and personally.

At this time, Clinical Consultation happens via a Telehealth platform with Katie allowing her to reach families and individuals all over the country.  If you are local to the St. Louis region and would like to schedule in person consultation, please reach out for availability.

Education and Training

Katie has been lecturing and educating peers and colleagues nationally and regionally since 2010 at conferences, private trainings and at treatment centers.  She is available for training purposes via Zoom platform and in person.  Curriculum Vitae available upon request.

Please reach out to Katie via email or phone if you wish to discuss Consultation or Presentation.