Katie was invited to co-author a chapter on the use of Internal Family Systems (IFS) to treat co-occuring trauma and eating disorders in this unprecedented new text called Trauma-Informed Approaches to Eating Disorders edited by Andrew Seubert and Pam Virdi.

“…Trauma-Informed Approaches to Eating Disorders is clearly a much needed and long overdue book about treatment, written by a diverse group of clinicians and carefully edited to focus on the needs and strengths of clinicians. But focus and timeliness are only part of the foundation for my appreciation of this collection of chapters by experts from different fields The complexities and challenges that undergird, surround, and even haunt the nature, diagnosis, treatment, management, and understanding of eating-disorders-in-relation-to-trauma are so great, even for veteran clinicians, that they can leave practitioners at any level of experience feeling helpless and exhausted. This book…accepts the reality of those feelings and is committed to improving treatment, understanding, and compassion. It delivers hope.”

                                       Michael P. Levine , PhD

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